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We all know that Macs are the fastest, slickest computer on the market, but diagnosing what's making your Apple Mac run like a one legged racehorse can potentially save you time, money and most importantly data loss.

An unstable, randomly crashing system may be irritating at first, but if files become corrupted, or worse, a disk, you could lose precious data and hours of work. Minimise the risk by getting your machines set up quickly and correctly from the outset.

Mac2Life use industry leading diagnostics software to check your system for potential failures and faults, and can back-up your data before the worst happens.

Ask about our optimisation service, we like to call it our "NotSoBigMac" if you want your Mac to be as fast as the day you bought it, we have the solution.

*Back-up price quoted is for use of clients own backup device, call for prices for other media.